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Interior of our temperature controlled storage cold section with package products from a local distillery.

Kansas City Temperature Controlled Storage & Public Warehousing

ITS Kansas City temperature controlled storage is maintained at 65 degrees temperature with 50% humidity.  This makes it ideal for controlled temperature wine storage.  Wine and liquor products have surpassed all other temperature controlled storage products in our Kansas City storage facility. This is due to our cleanliness reputation, temperature control storage, redundant climate protection and that we offer storage for both large and small shipments.

Our 30,000 square foot expandable and contractible cold warehouse (allowing for efficient cooling with our 14 redundant cooling units) is located within a larger overall warehouse facility that offers both racked and bulk warehousing. The cold unit within our larger warehouse faculty allows for a more environmentally and physically secure warehouse.

We feel that there is no finer facility for the warehousing of environmentally sensitive goods in the Kansas City area. This is in no small part due to the on site owner operator that directly supervises all personnel in the office and warehouse. This one tier management system sustains the quality control that earns our long term clientele. We will work to first secure your business and then to keep it. Proof of our concern for your products is that not one bottle of any wine or liquor has ever been lost in our warehousing operation.

ITS services include:

Transportation services including:

Whether you need main warehouse space, overflow warehouse capacity or just a place to unpack containers with perhaps some temporary warehouse space, ITS will meet the customer's demands as we intend to have our customers for life. We are able to accomplish this by a responsive on-site warehouse owner, long-term employees and a cleanliness ethic sorely missing from most warehouses.

Your products and the packaging they came in will be sent out in the same condition received. And, during their stay with us not only are they secured in the proper heated or cooled environment they are also secured with anti-theft (internal and external), fire and weather protection. 

A key factor is the short forklift travel distance from the truck docks to the temperature controlled storage facility located within the interior of our Kansas City warehouse. The time your products will be exposed to outside temperatures is minutes.

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