Owner Operated Kansas City Public Warehouse, FTZ

kansas city warehouseITS Kansas City Warehouse provides warehousing for dry storage. Our Kansas City warehouse is the oldest Foreign Trade Zone in the Kansas City warehouse market. This longevity provides a range of public warehousing experience for all foreign trade zone issues compared to other Kansas City warehouses. Our storage facilities are owned by International Transit and Storage.

ITS also has a US Customs Bonded facility and long time manager that combined with the foreign trade zone, temperature controlled storage and special handling equipment provides for any dry storage need both domestic and foreign. With the combination of the right type of storage facility and long time experienced operators we supply the reliability that can be counted on for long term, short term and just-in-time storage.

publicOur Kansas City temperature controlled storage is widely used by local whisky  distillers and many in and out of state wine makers. Within the interior of our ITS facility is the cooled, well insulated, humidity controlled, racked storage facility that ensures proper air circulation to sustain both the product and its packaging. This is made possible by our 14 cooling units. This degree of care will ensure your temperature sensitive products will receive the proper storage environment to maintain their manufactured qualities.

Why you should consider us for storage needs starts with John who oversees all warehouse operations and directly conducts all customer relations. Our outstanding service staff continues with Valerie who answers the telephones and who can answer customer questions. Then Sherrie and Linda rounds out the front office staff with their personal knowledge of regulations and warehouse storage operations, file keeping and ability to quickly answer any customer  questions means that your dry good or cold storage products receive both the physically handling and administrative processing they deserve.

Rounding out the staffing are the product movers themselves that operate the forklifts, push hand trucks and re-package products that all have a long history of continuous employment due to the management's skill at leadership and personal relations.

All together this adds up to consistency and the accompany efficiency developed from years of long term client relationships involving a great variety of products. We know your concerns and will meet and more frequently exceed them as a matter of routine. This is the aspect we strive for, a long standing relationship with our customers. We all recognize all facets of any operation work smoother when working with the same customers over long periods. Your business will no longer need to search for any storage facility or personnel once you have tried ITS just once.

ITS operations include all you would normally expect to find in any volume storage facility:

  • Large general storage for ease of movement and placement

  • Foreign Trade Zone with all the financial economies

  • US Customs bonded that has always passed all inspections

  • Temperature controlled storage and humidity controls that are both redundant

  • Alarmed

  • Dry storage with ventilation

  • Rack storage preventing stack compression

  • Bulk storage of non standard shape or size

  • Food grade storage bulk or packaged

  • Contract storage to meet any customer demand

  • Computerized inventory control for front office, transporters and clients

  • Just in time receiving and issue

  • Pick/pack per customer demands both variable and consistent quantities or scheduling

  • Value added services tailored to the client

  • Distribution & consolidation with our facility and preparation or specialized transport

  • Trucking in or out, long or short haul

  • 19 dock doors for fast movement

  • 10 rail doors requiring less train on station time

  • Reciprocal switching for any carrier

  • Sprinklers as added safety

Warehousing in Kansas City with International Transit and Storage.

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