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ITS Kansas City USA foreign trade zone warehouse is the oldest US foreign trade zone in Kansas City. ITS's experience provides your business the most efficient, time tested, Kansas City foreign trade zone transportation, handling, warehousing and compliance with all US Customs regulations in the Kansas City area. Our FTZ experience combined with Kansas City's centralized location within the United States gives your business the advantages of reduced transportation time and efficiency developed over 25 years of FTZ operating experience.

foreign trade zoneKansas City central location to all shipping ports and as a highway hub allows for the quick inbound transportation and redistribution to any metropolitan center, Canada and Mexico of any truck or train transportable containers. The Kansas City Union Pacific container detrain yard or the ITS warehouse rail car docks quickly transfers large loads to storage and incremental redistribution on customer demand with all the benefits of its Foreign Trade Zone duty deferments.

ITS services include a long term demonstrated performance knowledge of the foreign trade zone procedures and regulations that ensures no unnecessary transportation or warehousing loss time:

  • Systems/Inventory Control

  • Day-to-day procedures/paperwork

  • Internal compliance reviews

  • Reporting

  • Customs Matters

  • Classification and valuation

  • Harmonized Tariff Schedules

  • NAFTA, other trade programs/Customs procedures

We improve your competitive position in domestic and foreign markets by:

Duty payment deferment and reduction: Items held in our foreign trade zone warehouse may be stored without paying customs duty. Duties are only paid on any portion of the inventory at time of distribution and only for the amount being distributed. With ITS's warehouse management and staff any 24/7 requirement can be met.

Reducing costs through combining foreign and domestic goods within the ITS warehouse with duty paid only on the foreign content of the final product.

Duty free exports through re-exporting goods from the ITS US FTZ.

Less local or state inventory tax (ad valorem taxes) for products produced in the US and stored at ITS waiting export.

Easy distribution as ITS centralized warehouse location within the United States has warehouse docks for rail and truck and easy access to barges.

Quality control products inspected at the ITS FTZ warehouse may be repaired or re-exported without any duty.

Labeling modifications to meet US Customs regulations before the products leave the FTZ warehouse prevents future transportation problems.

Quota management larger than quota maximum inventories may be stored and distributed within compliance of any quota limitations. This includes ITS just-in-time warehousing and delivery.

Inverted tariff reduction through combining imported components into a final product allows for the tariff charge of the lowest cost import.

Duty elimination on waste and scrap.

No duty on sales to the U.S. military or NASA: non products sold from the ITS FTZ warehouse to the U.S. military or NASA, returned to the country of origin for repair or simply destroyed. Whichever choice is taken, no duty is paid.

Warehousing in Kansas City with International Transit and Storage.

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